Intertek’s forensic engineering team investigates fires and explosions for industrial, insurance and legal clients.

The expertise of our certified fire and explosion investigators and multidisciplinary forensic engineering team is focused on determining the cause of fires and explosions and providing you with Total Quality Assurance. We also partner with fire origin and cause professionals to analyze appliances, machinery or electrical devices that are found at the origin of a fire or explosion.

Coming Soon:  Case studies of the types of fires and explosions that Intertek has analysed in our forensic engineering practice: 

  • Agricultural chemical warehouse fire 
  • Aluminum heat treating furnace explosion 
  • Ammonia tank explosion 
  • Ammonium nitrate fertilizer plant explosion 
  • Coal pulverizer fire 
  • Dry-cleaning chemical fire 
  • Electrical transformer explosion 
  • Fireworks chemical explosion
  • Gas pressure regulator failure and building explosion 
  • Gas turbine fire evaluation 
  • Gasoline tank farm 
  • Glass furnace failure and transformer pcb release
  • Heat exchanger failure and explosion in an olefin plant 
  • Mechanical seal failure chemical blending vessel explosion 
  • Mercury in natural gas from offshore gas field 
  • Oil and chemical company environmental litigation 
  • Rocket fuel storage bunker explosion 
  • Solar energy power plant fire 
  • Steel mill coke oven gas explosion
  • Underground propane migration and building explosion


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