LFM (Light Form Modeler) is a powerful 3D laser scanning software package, which is relevant throughout the laser data and asset lifecycle. LFM is hardware and software vendor neutral. It accepts data from all 3D laser scanners and exports to 3D integrated plant design systems CAD and Review platforms.

LFM Register

Registration is the process by which separate 3D laser scans are correctly orientated to a defined coordinate system. LFM Register is equipped with tools and techniques that allow this registration process to take place and also promote confidence as to its quality. In the field productivity that can be achieved with 3D laser scanners is constantly improving. LFM Register has moved the registration process off the critical project path so that clients can quickly receive the full benefit from laser scan data. With LFM Register there is no accuracy vs. time trade off; its features give accurate registration for a large dataset within minutes with our Total Quality Assurance.

LFM NetView

LFM NetView is an important member of the LFM product family. Working either as a standalone application or as a plug-in to a web browser, it provides secure internet access to laser scan projects. Until now these kinds of remote access issues have posed a real challenge to organizations. Previously in process, power, marine and particularly asset management applications, data relating to the asset could not be shared between engineers, owners and operators unless it was held locally. LFM NetView provides collaborative, team-based, multi-discipline measurement and mark-up facilities.

LFM Server

Since the inception of LFM Server, the LFM Unlimited Group has recognized the importance of developing software that is able to withstand and manage large point cloud datasets generated from high resolution scans. When compared to other products LFM Server is able to comfortably handle massive amounts of data.

LFM Modeller

LFM Modeller’s main focus is to allow the user to rapidly create a 3D plant model from laser scan data in an extremely incremental, intuitive and interactive way.

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