Forensic Engineering - Boilers

Intertek’s forensic engineering team investigates the causes of boiler malfunctions and explosions.

Our forensic engineers investigate all types and sizes of boiler malfunctions and breakdowns in the residential, commercial, industrial and power generation sectors. Our goal is to determine the root cause of the incident. Our past investigations into boiler incidents have covered metallurgical failures of tubes and piping, corrosion degradation, burner train and low water malfunctions, steam explosions, delayed-ignition furnace explosions and boiler implosions.

Intertek is particularly experienced in investigating boiler incidents in power plants and industry with our Total Quality Assurance approach.  

Case studies of the types of boiler incidents and losses that Intertek have investigated in our forensic engineering practice:

  • Utility boiler delayed ignition explosions 
  • Package firetube boiler explosion 
  • Package boiler explosion 
  • Cyclone-fired utility boiler explosion
  • Black liquor recovery boiler tube degradation



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Need help or have a question?

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