Intertek has a strategic partnership with the China National Institute of Standardization, and is the only authorized foreign third party testing and inspection body able to offer CEL registration and test service in China.

The China Energy Label (CEL) shows compliance to the guidelines of energy consuming products’ energy efficiency class and energy cost. The China Energy Label Scheme has been made mandatory by the Chinese government. Products that fail to carry the CEL will be punished according to Energy Efficiency Label Policing Method.

The label provides consumers with necessary information about high energy efficiency products. The goal of the China Energy Label Scheme is to improve energy efficiency of consumer products and create awareness about saving energy among consumers.

Other Energy Efficiency Testing Programs

Intertek’s Energy Efficiency Testing pedigree also covers such notable programs as:

Intertek maintains the accreditations, expertise and state-of-the-art facilities throughout its global network of energy efficiency testing laboratories to help manufacturers meet regional and market requirements.