Meet Our People: Duncan Robertson

Duncan Robertson BSc NMR

Duncan obtained his Chemistry degree from Aberdeen University in 1986 and joined ICI later that year. After a couple of years working in catalyst research he joined the NMR Team at Wilton in 1988. Apart from a short period of time in SHE Management he worked in NMR for the next 19 years, becoming Team Leader in 2000.

His research interests revolved around all facets of the solution state NMR studies of synthetic polymers and he has extensive expertise and experience in the interpretation of NMR spectra of this nature. In recent years he has studied the on-line coupling of Gel Permeation Chromatography with NMR to extract further chemical information from complex mixtures, which has particular relevance opposite deformulation of materials.

Since joining Intertek in 2007 he has become Molecular Spectroscopy (NMR, Mass Spectrometry, Separation Science) Team Leader as well as Operations Manager for the Group.  He also retains his NMR expert role.


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