Meet Our People: John Dale

John Dale BSc MBA Industrial Forensic Microscopy

John joined ICI in 1977. His early years with the company were spent in the polymer, catalyst and surfactants businesses. His current role is that of Contamination Consultant and leader of the Analytical Microscopy team within MSG.

John advises on all aspects of contamination analysis and on-site contamination control. Another particular research interest is in developing an understanding of microstructure - property relationships in fabricated foodstuffs.

He is well known for a pragmatic and down to earth approach to solving high profile issues. Typically these involve him establishing the causes of product litigation cases, compromised supply chains, environmental contamination problems and the mechanical failure of materials.

John's interests within Intertek MSG are in integrating a variety of technologies and technical experts in an approach he calls "Industrial Forensic Science". His team within Intertek MSG encompasses the technical areas of microscopy (optical and electron), image analysis and particle size characterisation

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