Join our industry experts for a series of webinars covering analytical testing for coatings, protective coatings and films on metals, and coating formulation development.

Coatings provide protection and safety for all types of materials and keep them clean and corrosion-free. From non-slip or non-stick to anti-rust surfaces, coatings play a very important yet challenging role in everyday life.

Our complimentary coatings webinar series will help manufacturers, application chemists and formulators understand how advanced analytical techniques can solve a variety of challenges in the development, optimization, application and failure diagnosis of coatings. Join us to learn more about coating chemistry from our industry experts, who have over 90 years combined experience in analytical research and failure analysis.

In coatings technology, many ASTM or EPA standards are used to understand coating performance in an intended end application. For the formulator or raw material developer, there are times when the need to understand performance or contamination require test approaches beyond the standard. Non-standard approaches might be required due to coating thickness, contamination location, use/exposure conditions or formula complexity. Through a variety of case studies, advanced analytical techniques will be showcased, describing how they uniquely evaluate blushing, component degradation, raw material variability and more. Where relevant, the limitations of the standard approach will also be described.

Presenter: Paula McDaniel, PhD, Business Development Director, Intertek Allentown

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This webinar will cover key coating and film challenges as it applies to coatings in corrosion, abrasion, and high temperature protection applications. Several case studies will be presented demonstrating how Intertek Allentown can help you in your coating characterization and formulation needs, as well as analyzing coating failures. Discussion will include galvanizing, thermal spray coatings, tribofilms, and more for applications such as bridges, turbine blades, and engines.

Presenter: Stephen French, Senior Failure Analyst/Engineer, Intertek Allentown

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This webinar discusses the use of Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA) and Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) to characterize the rheological and thermal properties of coatings. In particular, two solvent-borne systems (a polyamide-cured epoxy and a moisture-cured RTV silicone) and a 100% solids system (polyetheramine-cured epoxy) are investigated. In particular, for the polyamide-cured epoxy, the effects of solvent addition and cure temperature (ambient versus heat-cured) are presented. For the 100% solids polyetheramine-cured epoxies, an in situ DMA immersion test for measuring the solvent-resistance of coatings is discussed. The overall goal of this webinar is to demonstrate the value of collecting such data for a better understanding of coating performance.

Presenter: Menas Vratsanos, PhD, Chief Scientist, Intertek Allentown

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