Fibre Analysis Laboratory

Fibre (fiber) analysis laboratory testing is used for identification, quality inspection, determining contamination and is deployed from macro to nano scale

Intertek tests on a wide range of fibres, and fibre types  including man-made and natural fibres such as micro-fibres, blended fabrics, synthetics, polyesters, nylons, cotton, wool, hair, and other materials. 

Fibre analysis and testing is an involved science which demands a dedicated approach in preparing samples in preparation for thorough analysis as results are properly attained from an experienced examination and applied wisdom. Only an expert approach will be able to interpret results accurately.

The Intertek fibre laboratory specialises in the identification and examination of fibres before and after various treatments, including wear and damage at both the surface and cross-sectional levels. 

Surface analysis capabilities range from the macro to the nano-scale, including the capability to measure and analyse depositions. Fibre testing is also a crucial aspect in determining the source of contamination.

The fibre laboratory can provide dedicated analysis and thorough interpretation of analytical test results, drawing on resident expertise from a global network of scientists. We ensure that sample turnaround time for urgent analysis needs is usually complete within days, as time is a key consideration in all fibre analysis testing.

Fiber/Fibre Analysis Techniques 

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