Our dedicated team of experts in rice inspection and analysis will provide you with a reliable assurance of quality and quantity, and of safety and traceability for any rice cargo.

At Intertek, we offer our customers the full range of services essential to risk management in the rice trade as well as global support. We provide Identity Preservation (IP) for our clients, assuring quality control and traceability for their products.

Rice inspection, testing, and risk management services offered along the rice supply chain include:

Pre-shipment inspection

  • Cargo identification
  • Packaging verification
  • Product sampling, grading, and weight verification

Loading and discharge supervision

  • Vessel cleanliness and lock-tight check
  • Tally supervision
  • Sampling, grading, and weight verification
  • Photographic reporting

Weighing and sampling

  • Verification of scales
  • Gross weight, tare weight, and net weight determination

Laboratory testing

  • Complete physical and chemical analysis
  • Standard-specific capabilities
  • Grading
  • Heavy metals
  • Pesticide residue and contamination analysis


  • Independent, trustworthy certification and quantity and quality
  • E-certificates as well as hard copies issued at any Intertek location worldwide

Risk management

We work with major rice exporters, importers, international traders, and buyers. Our unwavering mission is to consistently surpass our customers' expectations. We achieve this through our innovative and tailored services, which encompass assurance, testing, inspection, and certification. We operate on a global scale, providing round-the-clock support to optimize our clients' operations and secure their supply chains.

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Nick Wilde



Nick Wilde manages Intertek's global Rice and Cotton product lines. With over 18 years of experience in Agricultural Inspection Services, Nick is an expert in servicing the cotton trade. As product manager he is the key contact for customers and colleagues. Nick previously worked in central Asian states of the former Soviet Union; East and West Africa; India, Pakistan and Bangladesh; as well as Far Eastern countries. He is currently based in Manchester, UK.

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