Intertek’s global coverage and local expertise bring assurance along the entire fertilizer supply chain.

At Intertek we offer assurance, testing, inspection and certification services for bulk, bagged and liquid fertilizers. Our fertilizer quality and quantity control services protect and strengthen the reputation of our clients and their products. Our certificates are recognised in the global fertilizer trade and are accepted as true evidence of quality.

We work with all major groups of fertilizers:

  • Nitrogen based fertilizers
  • Phosphate based fertilizers
  • Potash based fertilizers
  • Speciality fertilizers
  • NPKs
  • Raw materials
  • Solid and liquid fertilizers

Digital images of fertilizer cargo aboard a vessel, in a warehouse, or on a barge are reported to clients in a matter of minutes. Our clients are able to see the exact condition of their product, allowing them to make critical decisions based on the images received. Our inspectors perform ship’s hold and hatch cover inspection and (ULD) ultrasonic leak detection. These procedures determine whether covers will withstand harsh conditions during sea travel. Our testing laboratories offer analytical testing capabilities, and are staffed by trained chemists experienced in the industry.

Our full range of services include:

Pre-shipment inspection

  • Cargo identification
  • Packaging verification
  • Sampling and testing

Loading and discharge supervision

  • Vessel cleanliness and tightness check
  • supervision of loading and discharge operations
  • Weight verification
  • Sampling
  • Photographic reporting

Laboratory testing

  • Complete physical and chemical analysis
  • As per latest national and international standards/ methods
  • Applicable on all grades of fertilizer


  • Independent, trustworthy certification of quantity and quality
  • E-certificates as well as hard copies issued at any Intertek location worldwide

Risk management

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Full Outturn Guarantee (FOG)

A shortfall in weight between loading and discharge can lead to financial losses, particularly with high-value cargo. While it’s not always possible to directly control those risks, Intertek can provide you with risk management services to minimise loss.

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