Intertek’s assurance services protect our clients from the unexpected challenges that arise in today’s fast-paced trading landscape.

The wider business environment regularly throws up uncertainties for producers, buyers and exporters alike, making commodity risk management increasingly important in an ever-changing world.

Our assurance services, together with our commodity risk management portfolio, cover a range of areas, including:

We can help you put effective commodity risk management in place with clear strategies in the event of unforeseen problems. This contributes to maximising time and performance within your company.

Sustainable business practices are integral to Intertek. We help farmers, as well as many of the world’s leading corporations and best-known brands, to improve the social, ethical and environmental impact of their products, processes, and supply chains. Learn more about sustainability.


Access to full traceability from farm to fork has become a major demand among our clients. Transparency is key to marketing products.

Risk Management

Intertek’s risk management services offer your organisation protection from the unexpected challenges that can arise in today’s fast-paced trading landscape.

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