The AgriTech Product Line of Intertek Agricultural Services delivers Total Quality Assurance to customers worldwide through DNA-based analyses and services.

In particular, agri-biotech, breeding, feed and food operations are well-served by AgriTech’s in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in genetics, plant breeding technologies, traceability and quality control.

AgriTech supports notably the global plant breeding and seed industry, as well as crop research institutes worldwide, with state-of-the-art testing solutions to accelerate customers’ breeding programs, shorten the time-to-market of new varieties, and secure clients’ brands with quality controls of seed movements.

AgriTech tests plant and seed material of a wide variety of crops, as well as soil, livestock, feed and food products. Testing includes marker-assisted selection, livestock parentage, pathogen screening of soil and crops, GMO content of crops, feed and food products, chemical residue and toxin screening, as well as nutritional analysis.

The AgriTech Product Line has global service hubs in Australia (Adelaide), India (Hyderabad) and Sweden (Alnarp) as well as Intertek network-based satellite operations in Africa and the Americas. 
With innovative technologies and profound expertise, AgriTech offers a quick turn-around time and high-quality results.



Julia Stålhandske

Global Product Line Leader - AgriTech

+46 40 692 80 01

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