The global cocoa market faces many challenges and requires a high standard of quality and transparency in its processes.

Timely access to quality testing, results and certification services is critical to cocoa operations. Choosing the right partner is crucial to achieving a successful supply chain.

As a global business, at Intertek we believe in working in partnership with clients and have a strong commitment to deliver a transparent quality service wherever our customers require it.

We follow the Federation of Cocoa Commerce (FCC) code of conduct, strictly ensuring that trading is carried out in a professional, honest, safe and accountable manner.

Our services

Intertek’s worldwide network of experts will give you answers to meet your local challenges, and a competitive edge in the global marketplace. Our service is a complete end to end solution, with expertise available at every stage of the ownership journey. We provide what you need, from fast access to quality testing results and certification services; to grading and sampling in the lab; to risk assessment and safe transit; all within a business culture that values transparency and delivers quality.

We work in partnership with you, providing integrity every step of the way as an FCC member, wherein our experts understand and observe FCC rules and procedures.

We offer cocoa inspection and testing services along the entire cocoa supply chain including:

  • Warehouse inspection
  • Main operations: load and discharge supervision
  • Condition of vessel and stowage: endeavour to ensure adequate cargo transport conditions
  • Weighing: calibrated and accurate equipment
  • Sampling: following FCC and contractual requirements
  • Moisture determination
  • Issuing of certificates and reports
  • Farm and sustainability audits
  • Supply chain management: from bus to the coffee bar
  • Risk management: to improve performance, minimise risks and free up valuable resources

Benefiting you

  • A global network of trusted inspectors
  • Worldwide recognised certification programme
  • Pro-active process improvements, saving you valuable time and resources
  • Access to live updates
  • Peace of mind
  • Accurate quality checks in accordance with the FCC code of conduct
  • Compliance with legislation: ensure regulations for production and trade of agricultural commodities and food are in place for your local, regional, or global needs.

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