Intertek’s precision farming includes expertise which can increase output, such as yield per hectare, while reducing costly inputs.

Precision farming services:

  • Soil analysis to help manage soil fertility
  • Soil physical properties measurement to help determine crop potential and tillage practice, as well as farm layouts
  • Plant analysis to evaluate and manage the nutrient status of a crop during the growing season
  • Water analysis to help determine risks involved in irrigation

Intertek’s farming experts gather this information and supply useful data to help build an ideal environment for soil micro-organisms to work effectively and increase crop yields.

Precision farming helps to determine the right amount of fertilizer, in the right place, according to variable recommendations. It is an ideal solution to attract farming project investors who require an attractive return on revenue while managing your risk in crop production.

Intertek’s precision farming expertise is both local and global. Services include soil analysis of samples collected.

After testing, experts evaluate soil test results and offer useful recommendations, including modifications to variable spreader equipment to allow optimised variable rate applications of input supply, using electronic data guidelines. Precision farming management data pertaining to soil services is easily and confidentially accessed by the client.

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Precision Agriculture is the solution to realizing sustainable farming practices, boosting agricultural yields, and reducing crop inputs. It is an essential tool in developing responsible land use and addressing future food security.
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