Intertek Anti-Counterfeit Surveillance Program

Market Counterfeit Surveillance Program with Unique Solutions to Ensure Product Authenticity

The global counterfeit market represents 3.3% of global trade, leading to a loss of some 30 billion USD in the clothing market alone in 2020*. The shift of consumer habits towards online shopping creates more avenues for counterfeit products to reach consumers, presenting challenges for brands to protect their top line and reputation.

Meanwhile, counterfeit products could pose safety and health risks to consumers as they are not likely to undergo quality testing and inspection before being sold in the marketplaces. Intertek has worked with AAFA to examine counterfeit goods in a study, highlighting dangerous chemicals and heavy metals such as arsenic, phthalates, and lead, and their adverse health risks were found in over 36% of counterfeit products tested, which have been shown to cause adverse health outcomes. To safeguard products against counterfeit operations, retailers and brands need to have a robust anti‑counterfeit program in place.

Intertek’s Anti-Counterfeit Surveillance Program is designed as a market surveillance program that conducts regular surveillance campaigns to monitor the online and offline marketplaces. It provides a cohesive view for retailers and brands customers to work against suspicious and/or counterfeit products at multiple touchpoints. It is designed with unique protocols to assess product authenticity, which can help them make decisions, supported by real data about their suppliers, grey market actors, and online players.

Program Scope: Products include apparel, footwear, handbags, appliances, cosmetics, fragrances, and accessories.


  • Encompassed program of reception, visual inspection, testing, and traceability assessment services
  • Hassle-free surveillance and management to mitigate risks of counterfeit products in the marketplace
  • Improved consumer confidence and brand loyalty
  • World-class laboratories and ATIC services to ensure product authenticity online and offline

Note: Fashion Industry Study Reveals Dangerous Chemicals, Heavy Metals in Counterfeit Products (2022)

Sources: OCED (2019), Statista (2021)

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