Analytical Services for Registration of New Polymers

Laboratory testing, research support, analytical services and regulatory insight for registration of new polymers.

Registration of new plastics and polymers require specialist industry insight; for example, average Mw data is critical to the registration process, and can influence which registration category will apply for a new product determining whether new products can fall into the category "polymer of low concern". It is therefore crucial that the average molecular weight (Mw) data is available, as performance polymers contain components of widely varying molecular weight and composition. Accordingly, the generation of appropriate molecular weight data which satisfies regulatory guidelines is a key component of successful new product registration, especially regarding the presence of low molecular weight oligomers.

Intertek expertise in the characterization of the oligomers, low molecular weight polymers and associated functional groups and structures which form the scientific basis for assessing these factors.

Our chemists also perform analysis of other components of plastics and polymers which are required for product registration such as solubility and extractability of the polymeric components, identity and percentage of adjuvants and additives, and the residual monomers and other reactants resulting from polymerization.

Typical analytical technologies:

Intertek provides a full range of physical and chemical tests to complete the set of analytical data for registration packages. Intertek has a broad experience of working with a variety of national regulatory bodies, including the UK, USA, Japan, Korea and Australia.


New polymer registration:

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