Polymers, additives and polymer related materials tested by Intertek laboratories, "Q" to "Z".

Intertek polymer labs provide testing for a wide range of materials, including composites. The labs identify and quantify polymer resins, additives and fillers using chemical, physical and mechanical techniques.



  • RCPP retortable cast polypropylene
  • RHDPE recycled high density polyethylene
  • RIM reaction injection molding
  • RPET recycled polyethylene terephthalate
  • RTD resistance temperature detector
  • RTM resin transfer molding
  • RTV room temperature vulcanizing


  • SAN styrene acrylonitrile copolymer
  • SAP super absorbant polymer
  • SB styrene butadiene copolymer
  • SBC styrene block copolymer
  • SBR styrene butadiene rubber
  • SI silicone plastic
  • SMA styrene maleic anhydride
  • SMC sheet molding compound
  • SMC-C SMC-continuous fibers
  • SMC-D SMC-directionally oriented
  • SMC-R SMC-randomly oriented


  • T/N terephthalate/naphthalate
  • TA terephthalic acid
  • TDI toluene diisocyanate
  • TEO thermoplastic elastomeric olefin
  • TF thermoforming
  • TLCP thermoplastic liquid crystal polymer
  • TM transfer molded
  • TMC thick molding compound
  • TP thermoplastic
  • TPA terephthalic acid
  • TPE thermoplastic elastomer
  • TPO thermoplastic olefins
  • TPU thermoplastic polyurethane
  • TPV thermoplastic vulcanizate
  • TS thermoset



    • UF urea formaldehyde
    • UHMW ultrahigh molecular weight
    • ULDPE ultralow-density polyethylene
    • UP unsaturated polyester resin
    • UR urethane
    • UV ultraviolet additives



    • WTE waste to energy
    • ZNC Ziegler-Natta catalyst


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