Migration testing and expertise for Internal Featured Standards food packaging and safety approval.

The IFS food includes specific requirements related to packaging materials and food safety used in the food industry.

Compliance includes:

  • Product Specifications of all packaging materials shall be available
  • Product food grade conformity of all packaging materials has to be available (according to legislation)
  • Migration tests for packaging materials has to be available. This could be with simulants or in special cases (e.g., if the packaging material changed) than a specific test for contamination and interaction with the packed product (migration testing) has to be there
  • The effects of packaging materials on products must be tested. Tests include effects of packaging materials on product taste, odour, conservation and other factors

The IFS food standard is, just like the BRC food standard, a combination of HACCP, quality management, customer focus, GMP and several other organizational requirements. The German, French and Italian retailers have already adopted this standard. It will be an obligation for suppliers to comply with these regulations. Getting the IFS certificate has the added advantage that you can show your customers that you deliver quality and food safety. Intertek experts can support you in getting your packaging materials tested for food safety today.

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