Construction Products Regulation (CPR) Standards

Intertek offers a comprehensive suite of Notified Body services in support of compliance to the EU Construction Products Regulation No 305/2011

The Construction Products Regulation No 305/2011, is intended to make products arriving in any European Union country safe to use and install. Request more information today. The regulation, repeals the Construction Products Directive (CPD) No 89/106/EEC.

To sell products within the EU, it is mandatory to apply to apply the CE mark showing products comply with all applicable Directives such as the CPR, EMC, and the Low Voltage Directive (LVD). The CPR has 4 levels of product verification that start at self-declaration and end in product validation by a Notified Body.

As a Notified Body in the EU, Intertek's scope covers products that require the highest category of validation - (Attestation of conformity - Level 1) which must involve the independent expertise of a Notified Body, and an FPC (Factory Production Control audit).

The European Union recognizes that products vary greatly in their ‘risks’ to the users and the public. They have defined 6 essential requirements or characteristics which need to be addressed (by committee) and satisfied, when relevant, by the product prior to being put on the market.

Essential Requirements


  1. Mechanical resistance and stability
  2. Safety in the case of fire
  3. Hygiene, health and the environment
  4. Safety in use
  5. Protection against noise
  6. Energy economy and heat retention 
  7. Sustainable use of natural resources


CPR Standards


  • EN 54-2 - Control and Indicating Equipment
  • EN 54-3 - Sounders
  • EN 54-4 - Power Supply Equipment for CIE
  • EN 54-5 - Heat Detectors
  • EN 54-7 - Smoke Detectors
  • EN 54-10 - Flame Detectors
  • EN 54-11 - Manual Call Points
  • EN 54-12 - Optical Smoke Detectors
  • EN-54-16 - Voice Alarm Control and Indicating Equipment
  • EN 54-17 - Short Circuit Isolators
  • EN 54-18 - Input/Output Devices
  • EN 54-21 - Alarm Transmission and Fault Warning Routing Equipment
  • EN 54-24 - Components of Voice Alarms - Loudspeakers
  • EN 54-25 - Components Using Radio Links
  • EN 1935: 2002 - Single Axis Hinges
  • EN 1154: 1997 - Controlled Door Closing Devices
  • EN 1155: 2003 - Electrically Operated Hold Open Devices
  • EN 1125: 1997 - Panic Exit Devices Operated by Horizontal Bar
  • EN 179: 1997 - Emergency Exit Devices
  • EN 12209: 2003 - Mechanically Operated Locks


Intertek Employs Expertise in Many Areas of Technology

Radio - EN 54-25:2008 is a standard for radio equipment used in fire safety areas. This standard is not simple in its application, but by working with the industry and standards committees, Intertek has completed the first successful approval to EN 54-25. Because this standard is based around radio testing, Intertek’s 20 years of experience in radio technology and long standing Radio Equipment Directive (RED) Notified Body status made us ideally suited to assist the industry with this new challenge.

Audio - EN 54-16: 2008 Voice Alarm Control and Indicating Equipment (VACIE) and EN 54-24:2008 (Loudspeakers for VACIE) are two of the latest standards covering the fast emerging technology for Mass Notification systems. Intertek is a Notified Body under the Noise Directive and has extensive experience in testing speakers for both quality and safety.

How we can help you reach global markets

Many manufacturers are interested in finding out if their existing European products will meet the North American requirements. Intertek offers a construction review of your products to help identify where pitfalls may be present. This can open up new markets for European companies previously discouraged from entering the market because of poor service from other providers and complex requirements. Intertek keeps it simple, and helps you grow globally into new markets all over the world.

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