Inspect fire and egress door assemblies to NFPA 80 Standard

Differentiate yourself amongst other inspectors by becoming third-party qualified to perform fire and egress door inspections through the Intertek Qualified Personnel (IQP) Program. Working as a partner with the Door and Hardware Institute (DHI), we have developed an inspection program that provides participants with the door, frame, and hardware product and application knowledge for the highest quality inspections in the industry.

Introduction to NFPA 8O
The Standard for Fire Doors and Other Opening Protectives was established to set national standards for the installation and maintenance of assemblies that prevent or slow the spread of fire and smoke from the fire’s origin to adjacent rooms or to the interior or exterior of the building. NFPA 80 also provides guidance to Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs) that can assist in the determination of whether a product in the field meets the requirements outlined in the standard. Manufacturers, facility managers, installers, inspectors, and AHJs frequently reference this document due to the understanding that opening protectives are a vital aspect of fire protection and therefore, critical to maintaining the safety of building occupants.

Becoming a Qualified Fire Door Inspector
To become a qualified fire door inspector through the IQP Program, participants must first complete DHI’s DAI 600 course. Training is open to all interested parties who have met prerequisite industry educational requirements.

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After the training is completed and the online exam is passed, inspectors are eligible to become an Intertek Qualified Personnel (IQP). To apply, inspectors must contact the IQP Administrator. Upon completion of the appropriate paperwork and payment of the prorated annual fee, inspectors are set up as an IQP. Once registered, inspectors must participate in on-going education and re-qualification every three years in addition to having their companies audited for quality and assurance.

Why Become a Qualified Fire Door Inspector?
A key differentiating factor for IQP members is the third party auditing that the Program’s Inspector receives from Intertek. These evaluations help ensure that correct inspections are being conducted and provide the AHJs reassurance of the inspection quality. After completing inspections, the IQP member can provide detailed reports to business owners or facility managers regarding the status of each of their fire and/or egress doors. IQP members can also apply a program-specific label to the fire or egress rated assembly to identify that the inspection was conducted by an Intertek Qualified Personnel. (This label does not indicate re-certification of the fire and/or egress door only that it was subject to inspection by an IQP.)

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