Department of Energy (DOE) Regulations for HVACR

HVACR Energy Efficiency Regulations are heating up: Upcoming DOE direct final rule changes, What they mean to you and what to do about it

The US Department of Energy (DOE) issued 10 Direct Final Rules, with dozens more expected over the next several years with an impact to the HVACR industry.

What are these changes, What are the implications for your HVACR product development process, and How can manufacturers keep up?

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This white paper and webinar recording from industry expert Byron Horak brings you behind the scenes of what it means when a rule change goes into effect. They discuss the process for regulation development, resulting requirements for additional product testing, and what’s next for Energy Efficiency standards. Topics include:

  • Key technical and compliance issues related to Energy Efficiency
  • The process for DOE regulatory development and implementation
  • 2014 DOE Direct Final Rules and the impact to manufacturers
  • Upcoming potential Rule Changes within the next several years
  • Other regulatory highlights: SNAP EPA, International, etc.
  • Top Tips for Compliance to clear through the clutter of the many rules and regulations manufacturers face today


Regulations impact product scope and categories, Energy Efficiency levels, testing processes, and more. Direct Final Rules for HVACR test procedures, energy conversation standard changes and new certification requirements are discussed. Other topics impacting the industry are also highlighted, such as regulation of components, commercial HVAC metrics changing to IEER (9/30/14 Notice of Proposed Rule), and walk-in refrigeration regulation.


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