Ensuring food safety through Listeria testing and prevention solutions.

Listeria is a group of bacteria consisting of 20 species, of which L. monocytogenes is pathogenic. Unlike many other common foodborne diseases causing bacteria, L. monocytogenes can survive and multiply at low temperatures usually found in refrigerators.

Listeria is known to be found in all environments and is known to proliferate at a wide range of temperatures. Listeria monocytogenes causes an illness called Listeriosis. Cases of listeriosis from food are rare but it has a high mortality rate, especially with the immune-suppressed, the elderly or pregnant women.

Food sources often linked with Listeriosis are:

  • Unpasteurised milks
  • Products made from unpasteurised milk
  • Soft cheeses
  • Ready-to-eat foods including pre- packed sandwiches, pate and sliced meat

Our portfolio of Listeria testing and prevention solutions allows clients to choose the right approach, from rapid analysis with a 48-hour turnaround to standard cultural methods with a 96- hour turnaround. All confirmations to speciation.

Our blend of expert analytical and advisory services helps our customers to achieve compliance and improve safety, quality and efficiency. Whatever safety or quality issues you face, we have the flexibility and the experience to deliver the right solutions for your business.

Listeria Testing Services
Listeria testing is a regulatory requirement that proves organisations are carrying out their due diligence, as required by the end supplier or retailers. Therefore, the testing helps to demonstrate the safety of the manufactured food products and their environment. Intertek can not only analyse your finished products but also raw materials and environmental swabs to provide robust data to Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) plans and risk assessment plans.
Intertek’s full range of services for those concerned about Listeria monocytogenes include:

  • Accredited testing services
  • Process evaluations to assure Listeria kill
  • Shelf-life evaluation with respect to Listeria
  • Accelerated shelf-life analysis
  • Heat mapping
  • Challenge testing
  • Bespoke inspections
  • Problem solving for persistent issues
  • Hygiene services to recommend best practice with respect to environmental testing and cleaning procedures

Our laboratory can work alongside manufacturers to ensure regulations are adhered to, and also offer guidance on environmental issues.

If Listeria is detected, our troubleshooting services can rapidly put someone on site to help find the root cause and ways to eliminate the problem.
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