Intertek provides easy and cost-efficient Energy-Related-Products (ErP) compliance evaluations and declarations for mandatory CE Marking of external power supplies according to the External Power Supply 278/2009 Implementing Measure

The European Commission has adopted the eco-design requirement for External Power Supply (EPS) on April 6th 2009 and it came into force on April 27th 2009. The product requirements for EPS cover most AC / AC and AC / DC units that have a separate enclosure and an output power of 250W. It covers a wide range of products, e.g. power supplies for home electronics and IT equipment.


Intertek can assist you with verifying ErP compliance for your external power supplies. We can provide you with full verification and deliver a test report for your product’s technical file and Statement of Compliance for legal CE Marking. Contact us today.

Implementation Stages
The implementing measure (IM) for EPS will be enforced in two stages with different minimum requirements. The first stage comes into effect on April 27th 2010 and the second stage on April 27th 2011. 

According to EU's Official Journal the requirements are:

EPS Table

The Implementing Measure covers products with the following characteristics:

  • Converts AC Power from mains into low voltage DC or AC output
  • Only one DC or AC output voltage at a time
  • A separate device that constitutes the primary load
  • Contained in a physical enclosure separate from the device
  • With removable or hard wired male/female connection, cable, cord, etc.
  • Rated output power less than 250W
  • Intended for use with electrical and electronic household and office equipment in EC No. 1275/2008