Intertek provides easy and cost-efficient ErP compliance evaluations and declarations for mandatory CE Marking of non-directional household lamps according to the 244/2009 Implementing Measure.

The Implementing Measure (IM 244/2009) for non-directional household lamps took effect on April 13th, 2009, with a cut-off date of September 1, 2009. After that date, any product falling into the scope sold into the EU has to meet the ErP Directive. Non-directional lamps are lamps that emit light in all directions. The non-directional household lamps covered in this IM are domestic lighting products such as incandescent lamps, CFL and LED lamps.

Timeline and Requirements
Included in each stage are lamp efficiency requirements, lamp functionality requirements and product information requirements on lamps. As a consequence of the lamp efficiency requirements, some products will be phased-out. 

Application DateBanned Products
September 2009Non-clear incandescent lamps + clear 100 watts incandescent lamps
September 2010Clear 75 watts incandescent lamps
September 2011Clear 60 watts incandescent lamps
September 2012Clear 40 watts incandescent lamps and clear 25 watts incandescent lamps
September 2013Stricter requirements on fluorescent lamps and LED-lamps
September 2016Stricter requirements on halogen lamps

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