Don't cut corners when inspecting. It could cut into your safety, quality and bottom line.

Assure quality through vendor auditing and surveillance

During a project’s capital construction or operational maintenance phases, vendors are utilized to best fit the needs of a project’s supply chain.  Complex supply chains need to be managed in a way that minimizes risk, reduces cost and delay, improves safety and quality, and ensures compliance with local and international standards.  Integrating pre-fabrication vendor auditing and vendor surveillance during the manufacturing of project-related components, allows an organization to ensure that the required specifications are maintained and future re-work is minimized.

Vendor auditing and surveillance activities provide the optimal process control mechanisms that mitigate risks and maximize performance of an asset.  Our Total Quality Assurance experts will identify and discuss the qualifications and certifications of technical inspectors that best fit your project needs and also pinpoint the expectations and achievable results related to integrating auditing and surveillance into your quality management process.

Who should attend this webinar:  Asset owners and quality, project, construction and fabrication managers across all process industries.

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