Clinical testing of cosmetics and personal care products to support advertising claim substantiation, safety and efficacy

Clinical testing of your cosmetics and personal care products will play a key role in substantiating your product claims for packaging and advertising whilst also ensuring that your products are safe and effective for consumer use. Product claims need to be supported by robust evidence as consumers become more demanding and advertising authorities become more vigilant. Overcoming challenges in running clinical trials - such as volunteer recruitment and ensuring that clinical data is robust - are critical to success.

Our team of clinical testing experts specialize in designing and conducting clinical testing methodologies for the skin, and hair care sector from our facilities in Paris, France. Our cosmetics and personal care products clinical testing service is designed to support you from design stage through to reporting stage. Our services include protocol development, ethics submissions, trial management, data management, statistical analyses and report writing. We also provide expert in vitro support for oral care product development and claim support from our laboratory in the UK.

Intertek’s diverse network of investigators including dermatologists, dentists, medical doctors, biochemists, and statisticians, regularly work with brand leaders worldwide to provide human clinical trial studies. Whatever intended use your cosmetic or consumer product has been developed for, the data generated from our clinical trials is robust enough to undergo the scrutiny of the advertising standards agency and by proving the legitimacy of your claims can instill consumer’s confidence in your brand, protecting market share and future growth. The rigorous clinical controls we apply to our studies, which are delivered by experienced clinical assessors and trial project managers, reinforce your brand through thorough cosmetic safety testing.

At Intertek, we ensure compliance with all relevant guidelines and legislation with quality our highest priority. We are ISO 9001 accredited with an established and robust quality system managed by an experienced quality assurance team. We conduct cosmetic testing to key European Cosmetic, Toiletry and Perfumery Association (COLIPA) guidelines and aspects of good clinical practice (GCP) as appropriate to cosmetic products. In addition a number of our sites are licensed under the Human Tissue Act allowing us to procure and store human tissue samples.

We maintain one of Europe's largest consumer healthcare volunteer databases and currently include over 12,000 participants. This is characterized for medical history, habits, attitudes, skin type, hair type and common conditions, to provide a focused and efficient recruitment process. Our participant database is one of the largest in the industry. We can provide panels with specific consumer profiles based on consumer preferences, habits and attitudes.

We are leaders in clinical testing for safety, efficacy and claim substantiation support testing for cosmetic and personal care products. Our clients include some of the biggest and most innovative global brands in cosmetics. With Intertek as your partner, we offer Total Quality Assurance expertise and support your new product innovation and development, by making sure that your claims are substantiated and products safe and efficacious so helping consumers build confidence in your brand.

Our team of in vitro scientists conduct many laboratory studies a year on products including toothpaste, toothbrushes, mouthwashes and dental floss studies using in vitro oral care product and bioanalytical solutions to assess product performance, support product development and claims.

Our dermatology trials for cosmetics are focused on supporting your product development through dermatological efficacy testing and claims substantiation. Key areas include anti-aging and moisturation. In addition we offer dermal safety studies to confirm the safety of your skincare products during and after development including normal in-use safety studies, allergen potential and exaggerated use conditions.

Intertek’s expertise with foot care clinical trials include all major cosmetic foot conditions such as hard skin, cracked heels, nail discolouration, sweat reduction, deodorant efficacy, and blister healing. Links with industry leaders in imaging, skin measurement techniques and qualitied podiatrists allows Intertek to provide bespoke solutions to clinical testing

With a dedicated team of trichologists and dermatologists, our hair and scalp product consumer trials are focused on supporting your product development through evidence-based efficacy testing, claims substantiation and safety studies.

Consumer awareness of the importance of nutrition and the impact of such products on potential lifestyle and health benefits is continuing to grow. Intertek supports nutritional and functional food product research through claim validation and support covering cardiovascular health and lipid regulation, gastric comfort, satiety, skin benefits and well-being.
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