Clinical trials of dietary supplement supporting assessment of beauty claims for skin, hair and nails

Navigating the complex requirements for dietary supplement clinical trials to evaluate beauty claims requires specialised expertise and a comprehensive approach. Clinical trials for dietary supplements are crucial for validating the efficacy and safety of these products and Regulatory Authorities mandate that beauty claims for dietary supplements be supported by scientific evidence. Our team, with over 25 years of experience, offers tailored, end-to-end clinical trial services to support assessment of beauty claims for skin, hair and nails. We assist brands in generating robust evidence through meticulously conducted clinical trials. By partnering with us, brands can substantiate their beauty claims, enhancing their credibility and consumer trust. 

State-of-the-Art Clinical Facilities
Our cutting-edge 600m² clinical facility in Paris is equipped to handle diverse clinical study activities. It meets Good Clinical Practices (GCP) standards under a clinical research agreement issued by the Health Ministry of France. The facility features modular technical spaces with controlled temperature and humidity, ensuring optimal conditions for study subject movement and volunteer comfort.

Comprehensive Clinical Research Team
We manage every aspect of the process, from protocol drafting and subject recruitment to delivering detailed clinical study reports. In France, we also submit protocols to an independent ethical committee for review. These trials can take various forms, including randomized-controlled trials (RCTs), single group studies, and crossover studies. They can be conducted in-person at research sites, or through a hybrid approach. Our expertise ensures that each trial design is robust and cost-effective.

Our team comprises project managers, quality assurance professionals, and expert clinicians across various specialties, including dermatology, specialists in aesthetics, beauty and well-being, and ophthalmology. With a well-designed study plan and the integration of technology, we can conduct high-quality clinical trials within a sensible budget. This approach helps avoid costly delays and unnecessary expenses, making clinical research accessible to a wider range of brands. 

Every clinical trial we conduct is tailored to the specific needs and budget of our clients. Depending on the study objective, we can combine several complementary approaches: instrumental approach, evaluation by professional experts and auto-evaluation to enhance the robustness of our studies. This customization ensures that each trial provides the most relevant and reliable data for our clients.
We offer comprehensive support for dietary supplement clinical trials, including:
•    Preparation and review of clinical trial protocols to ensure GCP compliance.
•    Assessment of study design and outcomes to meet regulatory requirements.
•    Preparation of essential documents, such as Investigator’s Brochures, Informed Consent Forms, and Case Report Forms.
•    Assistance with clinical study placement and monitoring.
•    Statistical planning and analysis.
•    Manuscript preparation and publication.

Beauty Claim Areas
We can evaluate a wide range of marketing claims related to skin, hair and nails including:

For clinical trials to assess skin related marketing claims, we can evaluate a wide range of characteristics including:
•    improve/maintain/increase the appearance of wrinkles (decrease in wrinkles) 
•    Helps to improve skin elasticity, skin surface structure, skin hydration. 
•    Helps to improve skin tonicity, skin firmness

For hair related beauty claims we can explore claims:
•    Improve or maintain or increase the appearance or structure of hair (resistance, strength, volume and thickness, glossy/shiny hair, silky hair)
•    Reduction of excessive hair loss

For beauty claims related to nail health, we can explore claims around improve/maintenance/increase the appearance or structure of nails (resistance, thickness, glossy/shiny nails).

Specialised Recruitment for Clinical Trials
These studies should be performed on a population representative of the target population, defined by clear and precise inclusion and exclusion criteria. We have an internal recruitment team skilled at identifying and enlisting highly relevant and qualified subjects for clinical trials. Our selection criteria cover a range of demographics and characteristics, such as gender, age, skin type, dermatological profile, and hair profile, ensuring that we meet the specific needs of each study. We use inclusion and exclusion criteria to characterise our volunteer base and include factors such as age, gender, the stage of beauty concern (e.g. wrinkles score, low level of skin hydration), use of topical products, nutrition during the trial, etc.

Ensuring Scientific Rigor and Compliance
Clinical trials are essential for substantiating health claims for dietary supplements. Properly conducted trials provide the highest level of scientific evidence regarding a product's efficacy and safety. Our adherence to Good Clinical Practice (GCP) guidelines ensures the credibility of the data collected and the protection of study subjects.

With our many years of experience, we are equipped to support dietary supplement clinical trials from inception to completion, ensuring your brand’s success through scientifically backed health claims.