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REACH (Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemical Substances – EC1907/2006) is a regulation implemented by the European Union to protect human health and the environment by restricting the manufacturing and importing of hazardous chemical substances.

REACH is a complex law that came into force in June 2007, with a multi-phased implementation approach spanning over an 11 year period of time. The chart below outlines the REACH Regulation timeline:

Timeline to Comply with REACH

Date REACH Deadline Requirements
1 June 2007 REACH came into force
1 June 2008
  • Registration of ‘non phase-in’ substances (new chemicals) starts
  • Pre-registration of ‘phase-in substances’ (existing substances already on the market) starts
30 November 2008 Pre-registration for “phase-in” substances ends
Note: If not pre-registered, all chemicals are considered new
1 Dec 2008 Registration for existing substances (that have not been pre-registered) starts
1 Jan 2009
  • ECHA publishes list of pre-registered substances
  • SIEFs are formed
1 Dec 2010 Deadline for pre-registered “phase-in” substances registration when supplied at:
  • “phase-in” substances > 1000 tonnes/annum
  • R50/53 > 100 tonnes/annum
  • CMR Categories 1 and 2 > 1 tonne/annum
1 June 2013 Deadline for registration of phase-in substances > 100 tonnes/annum
1 June 2018 Deadline for registration of phase-in substances > 1 tonne/annum


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