Laboratory analytical testing helps solve contamination and production issues for the cosmetics, home, and personal care product industries

Contamination identification and problem solving for home and personal care consumer products areas is a strong area of expertise for Intertek. The global laboratory network can act quickly and confidentially to solve pressing and urgent contamination problems.

Contamination issues investigated:

  • Chemical Trace Analysis
  • Suspected Contaminants such as ethylene-oxide and 1,4 Dioxane
  • Phase Behaviour (products separating out or gelling unexpectedly)
  • Investigation of Customer Complaints
  • Surface Analysis (Surface Contamination)
  • Particulates or Foreign Body Contaminants Detection
  • Packaging Related Contamination and Performance Issues
  • Contamination Risk Assessments

Intertek takes a forensic approach to identification of unknown particulates and crystal formations in a finished product or raw material. Type matching analysis can trace the source of contamination in a process. With chemical contamination issues, Intertek scientists can use advanced technologies such as NMR screening techniques (Nuclear Magnetic Spectroscopy) to identify possible causes of the problem in addition to other relevant methods.

Contamination and Consumer Products Services:

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