Intertek's robust usability testing capabilities help prevent a frustrating user experience

Is your software or app design intuitive? Will users know where to click to move to the next screen? Are the graphics distorted on certain devices? Are there broken links within the content? Does it do what it is expected to do?

Sometimes it's the little things that matter most. Software that doesn't look great, is difficult to navigate, contain errors, or doesn't function as promised are major turn-offs for users. And once a user is lost, they rarely return.

Intertek's usability testing uncovers issues related to graphic display, navigation, error messages, button size and delay issues to reduce user frustration and improve satisfaction. Our robust software and app UI/UX testing provides candid feedback so you can ensure a top-notch user experience that is consistent across devices.

Let Intertek's knowledgeable experts put your software to the test.

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