Find out how well your Software and Apps perform in production

It’s one thing to test software and apps in a staging environment, but how will it really perform when it’s released in the wild? Load time and response can make or break it. Software and apps that are slow to respond get uninstalled quickly. That’s why it is critical to understand performance capabilities, while there’s still time to correct any problems.

Intertek’s performance testing tools examine speed, scalability and stability to identify improvements needed before your software goes to market. We run a wide range of performance tests to make sure your app brings users the experience they want.

  • Load testing – How will an application function under expected user loads?
  • Stress testing – How will an application handle extreme workloads like high traffic, spikes in traffic or heavy data usage?
  • Endurance testing – How will the application manage the expected load over a long period of time?
  • Volume testing – How does the amount of data on the app impact performance?
  • Scalability testing – How well does an application scale up to accommodate more users?

Get a clear picture of how well your software will perform on the network with Intertek’s full suite of performance testing options.

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