Give your software or app the best chance for global success with Intertek’s language and localization testing

The wireless world knows no geographic boundaries. For your software or app to succeed, it has to be customized for the countries in which it will be used.

Intertek’s global expertise provides you with language and localization testing to reach more users around the world. Intertek can support dozens of languages, through its unmatched experience and extensive global network of 1,000 locations in 100 countries. We also help ensure local translations, currencies, taxes and standards are accurately addressed. Intertek’s global testing experts will test the app’s functionality and applicability in other world areas and make sure messages are properly externalized when used in different languages and locations.

Whether you are looking for on-the-ground testing in a specific region or a nearby resource with global expertise, count on Intertek’s language and localization testing to help catapult your software on a global scale.

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