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Whether you're looking for a single test or an ongoing testing plan, Intertek has the capabilities and expertise to meet your needs. From load testing and usability to security, functional testing and localization, you'll get the speed, compatibility and actionable performance insight you need with Intertek's cost effective mobile app testing solutions.

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Intertek possesses unmatched testing and access to all recently released devices, as well as hundreds of legacy devices with the flexibility to acquire additional devices for any specific testing needs. You'll receive the assurance that your app will work how it should, where it should, and on the devices and environments it should while avoiding compatibility and device fragmentation issues. The testing process is fast and easy, backed by a network of experts and the industry relationships to get your app to market faster, and with complete confidence.

We offer a range of test options designed to provide peace-of-mind assurance before your app launches or updates.

Intertek’s End to End Process

As soon as you complete a request to begin testing via our web form, we’ll get you connected with our experts to walk you through the simple process of submitting your app for testing.

You’ll have a personal contact throughout the entire process to answer any questions or address concerns you have at any point along the way.

We understand the importance of getting your app online quickly. We’ll work with you to perform all testing and complete within one to three days.

Making your payment is easy. We seek to keep pricing competitive while charging hourly rates.

Your report is made available and sent directly to you as a PDF. Additionally, we’ll keep your results within our secured submission portal where you are able to access or share results 24/7.

Have questions regarding any step? Reach out and let us know!

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