Polymer Compounding Test Trials

Polymer test trials undertaken for polymer compounding and materials, including double screw compounding, moulding and extrusion capacities

Polymer compounding is the process of mixing or blending of polymers and additives and is essential for test trials. Typically this process is performed in the molten state with a goal to achieve a homogeneous blend, and is a crucial step in the polymer development process.

The need for lightweight, more durable and low emission materials plus the increasing demands on design is forcing the polymer and plastics industry to develop new and innovative materials. Polymer material and compound development takes place in every step of the polymer R&D process to produce materials with different properties to the base material or to produce material with desired qualities, using various additives.

Our polymer experts run compounding trials within our modern polymer pilot plant facilities.

In addition to single screw compounding, Intertek also provides the benefits of double screw compounding, enabling the industry to test and evaluate materials on small scale. For the support of a standard material R&D evaluation approximately 3-5 kg compound is required for physical and analytical material characterisation/evaluation.

Common additives are used for compounding include colorants, flame retardants, talcum, glass and additives for changing the optical or mechanical properties. Such additives can be processed as pellets, powder or flakes by our experts.

Our customers will receive the benefits of a Coperion ZSK 18 MEGAlab twin-screw, co-rotating laboratory extruder Ø 18 mm, L/D 44. This unit has a modular construction with exchangeable barrels and all standard screw elements.

In addition, Intertek performs physical and analytical material evaluations. 

Intertek technical polymer experts will discuss your requirements and assist you with a basic or thorough evaluation of your polymer compounds and materials.

Additional polymer processing services include polymer trial injection moulding, blown film and cast film extrusion.

Contact our specialist staff to discover the ways in which our state of the art facilities may assist your company’s R&D, colorant, additive, minerals, raw materials, masterbatch and testing requirements.

Our twin screw compounding hardware includes

2 loss-in-weight feeders
1 twin screw side feeder
2 atmospheric degassing valves
1 vacuum system
Die plate 2x diameter 3 mm
Measuring P and T 

Operating window:
Max. Temperature 400°C
Throughput 200 gram - 40 kg/h

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