Adhesive Performance Testing

Advanced adhesive material testing for industry applications in aerospace, building, energy, automotive and more

A wide array of materials are used in adhesives - used as a bonding agent for composites, core constructions, plastics, metals and wood - which crucially affects their long-term reliability and durability, and which necessitates stringent testing procedures. These provide assurance against failure which can occur due to incorrect resin or additive selection, inadequate amounts and cures, contamination issues and cross-contamination issues, substrate issues, formulation issues.

At Intertek, our experts produce swift and accurate data for adhesive materials used in a variety of industries and applications such as aerospace, automotive and construction. The data provided by Intertek exoerts assists material engineers in the selection of materials in applications across global markets. Intertek provides strength measurements including tensile, shear and peel data. 

Other adhesive property tests performed include impact, odor, and aging. Testing performed hot/wet/dry at ambient, elevated or reduced temperatures.

Adhesives Strength Testing:

Additional Adhesive Tests:

  • Exposure of Adhesives to Artificial Light (QUV) ASTM D904
  • Determination of Odor of Adhesives ASTM D4339
  • Moisture Conditioning ASTM D5229
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