Building product materials benefit from extensive polymer and plastic materials testing to confirm quality and durability

Polymer and Plastic building products material testing is provided by a network of Intertek laboratories, which perform material testing to the industry standards of building products. Our work also supports research and development, quality control, failure analysis and material qualification programs.

A range of polymer and plastic building materials demand a large range of testing methods and expert interpretation of the results. With expertise in materials and products, Intertek assists clients in understanding best practices in testing and research to gain valuable insight of materials including processing, assembly, strength and selection.   

At Intertek, we perform extensive testing on polymeric building materials tested ranging from PVC siding, to foams, to structural adhesives and other products. 

Our engineers assist clients in deciding whether to test to a material specification such as standard specification for Polypropylene Injection and Extrusion Materials (ASTM D4101) or a product specification such as Standard Specification for Polypropylene (PP) Siding (ASTM D7254), which is specifically for characterizing the end product. 

We take into consideration that PP materials are characterized by notch sensitivity, tensile and flexural resistance, and that an end product is evaluated by important characteristics including flame resistance, impact, windload and weatherability.  

Our experts identify competitive materials, contamination and lot-to-lot variations for polymer characterization by IR or full deformulation.  

Intertek specialists evaluate the importance of processing in regard to building products; our material experts regularly assist building product material engineers to determine if common processing errors such as degradation or voids are present in a product using techniques such as viscosity measurements, void contents, ultrasonic evaluations and more.  

Comprehensive knowledge of the mechanical strength of a material is required for material selection. Intertek laboratories provide mechanical data for all types of polymer based materials, including tension, compression, flexural, shear and impact resistance.

Understanding how the materials will change with exposure to chemicals, flame, heat or UV is required by BP experts. Intertek regularly helps client to understand variables associated with these programs, such as time, temperature, strain, and exposure. 

Joining assembly of building products is an important consideration for material selection. Concerns about failure of bolts or assembly can be mitigated by extensive studies at Intertek. Tests include adhesive and bolt shear tests among others.

Additional services in analysing packaging helps clients to understand if a final product is protected from moisture, UV and damage.

Polymer and Plastics Building Material Testing

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