Inhalation Drug Development Webinar Series

Inhalation drug development webinar series. Learn from our experts. Access the recordings now.

Drug delivery by inhalation is a growing area due to the targeted delivery it allows for the treatment of respiratory diseases. This often means less of the active ingredient is required to achieve a therapeutic dose, and hence increased patient safety. Delivery to the lungs also allows systemic drug delivery, which is being increasingly researched in regard to the administration of biologics and large molecules.

Challenges exist in regard to development and manufacture, and so an effective formulation strategy and comprehensive and robust analytical testing procedures are necessary to overcome the challenges of inhaled product development and to ensure product safety and efficacy.

This webinar series is aimed at pharmaceutical professionals who would like to know more about the fundamentals of OINDP testing programs, suitable formulation strategies and extractables and leachables testing.

Who should attend? Delegates who would like to know more about these areas
Webinar format: 35-40 minutes of technical presentation followed by a short question and answer session
System requirements: Internet accessible PC with speaker or headset capability
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Formulation of Biologics for Inhalation Products

Thu, Jul 14, 2016 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM EDT

Mark Parry, Technical Director

Biopharmaceuticals are a vital part of modern pharmaceutical development; however, they are susceptible to a range of aggregation and degradation pathways which make the manufacture, processing and delivery of these products more challenging than more typical small molecules. The majority of biologics are delivered parenterally, however inhaled and nasal delivery allows for a more convenient method of administering compounds systemically, and also allows direct targeting of the respiratory system. 

This webinar will cover industry trends and take a look at the challenges of repurposing existing parenteral products for inhaled and nasal delivery to improve patient experiences and reduce complications from routine IV delivery. It will cover suitable excipient strategies, manufacturing processes and analytical challenges, as well as looking at device compatibility. Real world case studies show how effective formulations can be developed by bringing together techniques for inhaled and biologic product development.

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On Demand Webinars

Extractables / Leachables Assessment for Inhalation Drug Products

Dr Armin Hauk, Intertek Extractables / Leachables Specialist

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OINDP product formulations (which is primarily a propellant including an organic solvent) have a high potential for the leaching of substances from the inhalation device components. With a focus on metered dose and other inhalation products, this webinar touches on how extractables / leachables studies can be effectively applied to understand how the formulation interacts with the rubber and plastic inhaler device components to ensure a safe inhalation product. 


The Fundamentals of Inhaled Product Testing  

Speaker: Christopher Vernall, Business Development Manager

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A key part of assessing the quality of OINDPs involves analytical testing, specific to this type of product. This webinar will discuss how these fundamental tests are performed for different types of inhaled product and why they are important. The presentation will concentrate on pharmacopoeial tests for emitted dose and particle size distribution, as well as touching on spray pattern and plume geometry. Further information will also be given with regards to the CMC requirements for different products and submissions. 

This talk will provide a good foundation for anyone new to the area of inhaled product development or wishing to learn more about their analytical testing.

Formulation Strategies for Orally Inhaled and Nasal Drug Products

Mark Parry, Technical Director

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Orally Inhaled and Nasal Drug Products (OINDPs) provide an effective delivery route for both topical and systemic drug delivery of both small and large molecules. The more complex nature of these products and delivery systems do however provide unique challenges for both product formulation and analytical testing. This talk will look at the potential applications of inhaled and nasal drug products and the formulation approaches used across this diverse range of product type.


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