Inhalation Insights - Dry Powder Inhalation Technology Symposium

Join us at Inhalation Insights - Dry Powder Inhalation Technology Symposium, Abu Dhabi, September 15th 2019

During the Inhalation Insights - Dry Powder Inhalation Technology Symposium, Intertek's inhalation expert will present on in-vitro product characterisation studies for DPIs.

Presentation Details:
September 15, 2019 - Abu Dhabi, UAE

Successful dry powder inhaler (DPI) development involves many technical and regulatory challenges, especially when considering product characterization. In this conference presentation during the Dry Powder Inhalation Technology Symposium, Intertek expert, Mark Parry, Technical Director, will present on the approaches to designing and performing formal in-vitro product characterization studies in order to gain approval in highly regulated markets.

Meet Our Expert
Mark has over 16 years’ experience working within the pharmaceutical analysis and formulation development industry, with a particular focus on OINDPs. Mostly working in the pre-approval stages, Mark’s background includes extensive experience with product and formulation development for novel and generic products, as well as method development and validation, stability studies, pharmaceutical development activities, and clinical trial manufacturing for a wide range of clients.

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About the Event
The Inhalation Insights, Dry Powder Inhalation Technology Symposium is a 1-day symposium during which delegates with an interest in dry powder inhaler (DPI) technology will have the opportunity to network and gain knowledge about the business opportunity of DPI drugs as well as the development of innovative product variations.

Our experts will be present to discuss your challenges in dry powder inhalation development including strategic approaches to OINDP development and advanced OINDP analytical techniques. Our team will also provide updates on our inhaled and nasal product development capabilities which includes the acquisition of a new 20,000 sq.ft facility for the development of biologics for respiratory delivery. Our integrated formulation developmentt and analytical teams carry out early-stage pre-formulation support, solubility screening, drug-excipient compatibility, stability testing, device screening and clinical manufacturing services for all types of respiratory product.



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Need help or have a question?

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