11th Global Drug Delivery & Formulation Summit (DDF)

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During the Global Drug Delivery and Formulation Summit (DDF, Berlin, 9-10th March) our expert will present on  innovative solutions to key challenges in pharmaceutical development. 


Translating Inhaled and Nasal Technologies for the Delivery of Biologics

Inhaled and nasal delivery has specific advantages as a delivery platform outside of its traditional use for asthma/COPD and seasonal rhinitis/sinusitis - it can offer real advantages for the delivery of therapeutic biologics. During this short presentation, Intertek's Technical Director, Mark Parry, will provide an overview of current technologies available and successfully marketed products with a look at the challenges to development, and solutions available, when formulating for these delivery routes.


We would be delighted to send the presentation slides after the conference.

Our scientists provide development support for a wide range of pharmaceutical dosage forms with specialist expertise in OINDP development with integrated formulation and testing services for both small molecules and biologics. We provide critical performance and quality testing such as laser particle sizing, aerodynamic particle size distribution (APSD) by impaction (ACI, NGI) and spray pattern/plume geometry. Intertek’s integrated formulation development and analytical teams carry out early-stage pre-formulation support, solubility screening, drug-excipient compatibility, stability testing, and device selection support. For inhaled biologic development, comprehensive protein characterisation services supported by forced degradation and stability monitoring for the protein’s structure and bioactivity throughout formulation and storage can also be provided. Interaction with the device and closure systems are evaluated through comprehensive extractable and leachable testing and toxicological assessments.

With 30 years of experience in supporting our clients’ inhaled and nasal product developments, we deliver world-class support to help you meet the challenges of your demanding development programs. The laboratory is inspected and approved by the UK Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) for GMP compliance. The Laboratory has also been inspected by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) against GMP as part of clients’ pre-approval inspections.

ARTICLE: In Vitro Bioequivalence for Pulmonary and Nasal Delivery 
BROCHURE: Intertek Inhaled Product Development Brochure

Formulation and Manufacturing Approaches for Nasal Drug Products
Advanced analytical techniques for the testing of generic orally inhaled and nasal drug products
A Review of In-vitro Testing for Bioequivalence of Nasal Drug Products

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Need help or have a question?

+44 1763 261648
+44 1763 261648