One-Stop Compliance for Smoke Detectors and Smoke Alarms, to U.S., Canadian, and European Market Standards

Smoke Detector Testing and Certification is a process in which smoke detectors are tested by a qualified testing laboratory or certification body to ensure they meet certain standards or codes. Certification can apply to a variety of types of smoke detectors, including residential, commercial, and industrial.

The certification process typically involves testing the smoke detector or alarm to ensure that it can detect smoke and signal an alarm in a timely and effective manner. The testing may include various conditions, such as different levels of smoke concentration, exposure to heat, and exposure to other environmental factors that could affect the smoke detector's performance.

In the United States, smoke detectors must meet the requirements of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Standard 72, which outlines the installation, testing, and maintenance requirements for fire alarm and signaling systems. In addition, many states and local jurisdictions have their own specific requirements for smoke detectors.

Certification can provide assurance that the smoke detector meets these standards and can be relied upon to provide early warning in the event of a fire. It can also be required by building codes, insurance companies, or other regulatory bodies.

Intertek's Smoke Detector Testing Solutions

Accelerate your smoke detector and alarm testing process and get to market faster with a certification lab that simplifies your path to market. We offer a global compliance solution paired with breakthrough technology and resources. At our three-in-one smoke testing facility in Chicago, Illinois, we test and certify your commercial and residential products to multiple country standards, eliminating your need for retesting at various sites and limiting shipping costs and project delays. Smoke detectors certified to U.S. and/or Canadian standards will bear the ETL Listed Mark, while EU-compliant products are eligible for CE Marking.

United States

  • ANSI/UL 217: Single and Multiple Station Smoke Alarms (Residential)
  • ANSI/UL 268: Smoke Detectors and Fire Alarm Systems (Commercial)


  • CAN/ULC-S531: Single and Multiple Station Smoke Alarms (Residential)
  • CAN/ULC-S529: Smoke Detectors and Fire Alarm Systems (Commercial)

European Union

  • EN 14604: Smoke Alarm Devices
  • EN 54-7 Part 7: Fire Detection and Fire Alarm Systems
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