Hydrogen Assurance

End-to-end advisory and assurance solutions for hydrogen-based projects

Hydrogen, an effective and empowering element for the energy transition, is fast becoming a way to decarbonize industries and support greater efficiency within renewable energy sectors. With billions of announced public and private investment, hydrogen has the potential to revolutionize the energy industry.  Companies are facing new challenges and opportunities, and they need a partner like Intertek to help them navigate this complex landscape.

Intertek’s Hydrogen Assurance program is a single-source solution that is provided by a network of experts with a proven track-record in support of global hydrogen projects. The program offers the trusted services you value and is available for global companies operating in the hydrogen industry. From design services to help bring your product to market before your competitors; electrolyzer bankability services to provide peace of mind that your projects are financially viable and sustainable; to project lifecycle owners engineer support and guidance for regulatory and compliance requirements, Intertek’s Hydrogen Assurance solutions deliver quality, safety, sustainability.

Some of the many expert solutions in our program include:

Design Services

  • High-level system conception (e.g., flow charting, OOM pricing)
  • P&ID construction and reviews, review of flow diagrams and design philosophy 
  • Instrumentation guidance on Electrolyzers
  • Controls architecture design

Electrolyzer Bankability

  • Technical and financial due diligence
  • Electrolyzer payback analysis
  • New technology evaluation, including system efficiency validation.
  • Manufacturer and supplier analysis (e.g. comparison between suppliers for technical and financial merit)

Owner's Engineer

  • Procurement support
  • Feasibility studies
  • Request for proposal support
  • Project optimization, including site optimization, logistics, and vendors

Regulatory and Compliance

  • Identify standards that may be used to demonstrate compliance with the identified regulatory requirements for various countries. 
  • Develop regulatory and compliance strategy and test plan.
  • Conduct a risk assessment, HAZOP, HAZID – to identify the hazards that exist in the system and select appropriate risk mitigation measures.  
  • Identify pressure vessel requirements (PED, ASME, etc.) – Leverage existing type examinations/inspection modules, as applicable.  

Our end-to-end quality, safety and sustainability solutions across the entire hydrogen value chain help advance hydrogen as an effective and important element in the energy transition. From advisory and assurance services, vendor inspection, product testing and regulatory consulting to risk management, certification and performance testing, Intertek supports your product and project requirements while helping you meet your sustainability goals.


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