24 May 2022

Intertek, the leading Total Quality Assurance provider to industries worldwide, is delighted to announce the launch of Intertek Hydrogen, a revolutionary global platform delivering true end-to-end solutions across the entire hydrogen industry lifecycle. The move elevates the company’s commitment to ensuring safety, quality and sustainability within the rapidly growing hydrogen sector.

Hydrogen is increasingly viewed as an exciting and essential energy transition fuel, providing a way to decarbonize industries and support greater efficiency within renewable energy sectors. Research suggests that the hydrogen market could reach $250B by 2030 and exceed $1T by 2050 (source: Hydrogen Insights Report, McKinsey & Company). This potential investment has spurred policy internationally, and over 30 countries are developing exciting hydrogen strategies and roadmaps. As the global hydrogen industry rapidly grows and develops, the safety and increasingly complex regulatory challenges facing commercialization of this technology are now becoming more critical.

Intertek has long been a trusted and essential partner to global companies within the hydrogen industry. Expanding upon the Group’s experience and furthering Intertek’s leadership in this space, Intertek Hydrogen provides customers with immediate access to world-leading expertise, pioneering energy innovations and global end-to-end risk-based quality, safety, and sustainability solutions. The Intertek Hydrogen platform helps advance the hydrogen sector and supports successful project development and execution, all while overcoming challenges throughout the entire hydrogen value chain.

From supporting customers during front-end engineering and design, to procurement, production, distribution, storage and end-use application, Intertek Hydrogen global experts are uniquely placed to understand the risks and challenges facing stakeholders. As the hydrogen industry accelerates at an exciting pace, Intertek continues to help customers mitigate concerns by proactively identifying and addressing risks right from the start of a project, therefore avoiding costly delays and other risk issues. Intertek Hydrogen instils confidence that products will be safe, sustainable, high quality and meet all regulatory requirements.

Intertek is also proud to announce its membership in Hydrogen Europe, one of the largest global hydrogen industry associations. The Group looks forward to contributing to technical committees, collaborating with industry peers, and extending our support for the safe advancement of hydrogen as a clean energy fuel source and essential element for carbon neutrality.

Intertek Hydrogen chief, Sunny Rai, said, “Hydrogen is playing a significant role in the world’s march toward carbon zero status. Governments, corporations, and consumers are searching for reliable, clean energy solutions and hydrogen has proven to be an excellent source. By aligning our broad and deep global hydrogen service offering and expertise, Intertek is the trusted and valued partner that our customers have come to rely on. We are committed to our customers, delivering the unrivalled science-based assurance, testing, inspection and certification services they need throughout the entire project lifecycle and safely into the future.”

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Join us at the Hydrogen + Fuel Cells Europe conference at Hannover Messe 2022 from May 30 – June 2 and meet with Intertek Hydrogen experts at booth C18-1 to discuss how Intertek can help ensure the safe and successful completion of your hydrogen projects and initiatives. Sunny Minhas, Intertek Associate Director, Alternative Fuels and Renewable Energy, will be presenting Intertek’s Hydrogen solution platform at the on-site Public Forum on Wednesday, June 1st at 3:00PM. Mr. Minhas will discuss Intertek’s innovative and industry-leading services and highlight the many benefits our global customers are experiencing such as risk management, regulatory compliance support, certification, safety assurance, and more. We look forward to seeing you at the conference!

To learn more about Intertek Hydrogen, please visit intertek.com/hydrogen.

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