Understand how to protect your products from food fraud - a prevalent problem within the global food industry, costing businesses over £11bn per year in the UK alone.

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View Intertek's webinar which discusses the increasing challenges posed by food fraud and the processes you can put in place in order to protect your products, brand and ultimately the consumer.

Why should you view this Food Fraud webinar?
  • To gain an understanding of the definitions associated with food fraud such as adulteration and authenticity
  • To find out more about the responsibilities for food authenticity and food safety
  • To understand the responsibilities of food fraud for the food industry
  • To appreciate the increase in consumer awareness of food fraud
  • To gain an understanding of the food products most at risk of food fraud
  • To understand the recommendations for food fraud by the EU Commission
  • To find out more about the methods for detecting the unknown
  • To understand how an integrated system can help you to protect your products and business against food fraud

You should view this Food Fraud webinar if:

  • You are a food and beverage manufacturer or retailer
  • You are a food supplier at any point along the supply chain
  • You are a food ingredients supplier

Presented by Sandra Meixner, Intertek's Head of Expert Services. Sandra joined Intertek Germany in 2010 and has over ten year's of experience within the industry. As Head of Expert Services, Sandra manages a variety of services including international label validation, analytical recommendations, sensory analysis, inspections, regulatory compliance and supplier management.

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