Selling food products online has numerous benefits for your business, but also raises some important challenges which need to be considered.

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If you are selling, or thinking about selling food products online, you need to ensure that you have clear and compliant information available to the consumer or buyer, through adequate product labelling and merchandising compliance. This webinar addresses how you can ensure you comply with all relevant labelling and merchandising rules for e-commerce.

Why should you view this labelling and merchandising for e-commerce webinar?

  • To find out what the challenges are when selling food online
  • To understand what the requirements are for selling food online
  • To gain an understanding of how to ensure your food products are compliant for e-commerce
  • To find out where you can find the relevant compliant food product information for e-commerce businesses

You should view this labelling and merchandising for e-commerce webinar if:

  • You are a food and beverage global manufacturer or retailer
  • You are a food business operator along any point of the supply chain who is concerned with providing food information to consumers

Presented by Maud Nauge, Intertek's Head of the Centre of Excellence dedicated to Food Labelling. Maud joined Intertek in 2003 as a business engineer and contributed to the development of local and international quality control programmes on behalf of clients in the retail and food industry. She has subsequently evolved into a business development role and in this context, she has over 10 years experience of regulatory consulting projects and label validation for the French, European and global markets. The Centre of Excellence supports a network of over fifty experts in more than 100 countries.

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