Botanical Identification: Authentication vs Adulteration Webinar

Learn about adulterated substances and methods used to identify botanical ingredients

With increasing regulatory and consumer demand for quality and transparency of supplement products, manufacturers and distributors are turning to the in-depth knowledge and analytical capability of dedicated external laboratories for their needs in botanical ingredient identification, potency and purity.

This webinar addresses the complex methods of botanical identification of natural nutraceutical and functional foods, and how adulteration of substances is discovered. It’s an exciting journey through the realm of chemical marker compounds, ratio comparison, and the latest in quality assurance of botanicals. If you’re a manufacturer or distributor of nutraceuticals and products containing botanical ingredients, this webinar is for you.

What topics will be covered during this webinar?

  • Processes by which botanicals are identified and adulteration is discovered.
  • Chemical methods that can be employed to identify a material, including strengths and weaknesses of each method.
  • Commonly adulterated substances and methods by which this can be uncovered.

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Presented by Noah Morgan, Key Account Manager for Intertek Food Services (Champaign Laboratories). Noah started his career at Intertek eight years ago as a GC/GC-MS chemist where he focused on trace level analysis like pesticides and solvent residues. He also assisted in several other departments at the lab. He transitioned into the customer service side of the business two years ago, which prepared him for his current role of managing key customer accounts.

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