Intertek UK offers a full suite of services to ensure you are safeguarding the health, hygiene and safety of your people, your customers and operations against COVID-19 transmission.

Intertek health and hygiene services can be used to independently verify your performance against your own health and safety protocols, to provide testing to minimise ongoing risks in your operations, or to implement extensive inspections and audit programmes to develop or optimise your approach.

Our bespoke solution packages can be tailored to your needs – and our independent expertise can provide you with confidence and assurance that you are minimising risks in your operations.

This test (via PCR Polymerase Chain Reaction methodology) can identify if SARS-CoV-2, the strain of coronavirus that causes COVID-19, is present on a variety of surfaces, including door handles, PIN pads, desks, computers, phones and most types of hard surfaces. Surface hygiene testing can be performed by Intertek experts at customer sites by taking swabs of specific surface areas, as part of our facility health management programme, or through customers pre-ordering the kits and following instructions to take the swabs themselves in conjunction with your normal hygiene protocol.

Environmental hygiene monitoring of key areas can provide a proactive approach to reducing the risk of spreading the virus and provide peace of mind to employees and customers.

Our Hygiene Inspection Service is aligned to WHO and UK Government guidance on the latest protocols in reducing COVID-19 transmission risks and encompasses a full external and internal facility hygiene assessment. This covers exterior and interior surfaces, as well as all aspects of a facility where there are hygiene risks, including pest control, airflow, water and social distancing.

The Facility Health Monitoring Programme represents the world’s most comprehensive health, safety and hygiene assurance programme, with sites that successfully meet the requirements gaining Intertek’s Protek branding to recognise and endorse that achievement. Following the initial inspection, these ongoing audits can be conducted in person on-site or using Intertek’s state-of–the-art Inview remote auditing solution.

Intertek has developed Inview, a Remote Audit solution to help organisations conduct more efficient and safer audits. By wearing a video and audio source located in a light-weight harness, you are able to interact remotely with a qualified auditor, allowing them to evaluate the facility, conduct interviews, and review the necessary documentation in real-time – just as they would if they were in person at your organisation.

Performing audits via a remote auditor will not only remove any health and safety concerns from having an auditor on-site, but also reduce the added costs and time needed for travel to the site location, allowing you to maximise the investment in your health and safety programme.

Our auditors can conduct gap analysis audits to identify where there are areas that require or have scope for improvement to fulfil customer’s health and safety commitments, reducing risks in your protocols and giving you a clear view of areas to modify.

Relevant for any operations with kitchens or dining areas, this global standard can be utilised across the entire range of the hospitality industry, from large brands to small independent restaurants, hotels, food boutiques and cafes. In order to become recognised, Intertek will provide an in-depth risk assessment and audit of your premises for food delivery and storage, preventive activities, kitchen, food handler and safety standards.

We can create bespoke on-demand, eLearning and certification programmes for colleagues on key health and safety topics and protocols, supporting your standards and providing consistent understanding and training on your hygiene programmes.

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