Develop a construction monitoring plan to ensure the protection of structures adjacent to your construction project

Avoid causing costly damage to surrounding structures, such as cracks to the adjacent structure foundations, structure damage and/or failure, and soil liquefaction, which causes structures to move and become damaged by settling or shifting, by conducting existing condition inspections, vibration, crack, and noise monitoring.

From conducting pre- and post-construction examinations and documentation of structures surrounding your project to on-going monitoring for allowable thresholds and aiding in understanding potential causes and possible solutions to any site’s situation, we can provide the solutions you need to mitigate the risk to your project’s adjacent structures.

Pre-construction Documentation Survey & Post-Construction Inspections
Identify the current cosmetic and structural conditions of the adjacent structures and compare the conditions following project completion with the conditions documented during the Preconstruction Documentation Survey.

Vibration Monitoring
Document ground vibrations and reduce the risk of exceeding the pre-determined vibration limitations by alerting contractors to mitigate construction activity to reduce vibrations.

Crack Monitoring
Monitor existing significant cracks identified during the preconstruction documentation surveys, or newly developed cracks formed during construction activity, to ensure minimal expansion during construction and mitigate further structural issues.

Optical Monitoring
Install or identify targets on adjacent structures to monitor for any Horizontal/Vertical movement during below-grade construction.

Noise Monitoring
Minimize disruption to surrounding businesses by establishing a baseline and ensuring construction activity does not exceed the elevated level of acceptable construction noise specified.

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