Intertek can arrange processing of plastic automotive parts on real size for R&D purposes

Intertek automotive polymer experts can assist with the processing of your compounds into real size automotive components, for example a carrier frame or a trunk lid cover. These capabilities will assist your R&D activities at an early stage of development.

Working in full capacity as an independent test and certification company, Intertek manages all aspects of the program including pilot-moulding of the polymers and compounds into defined standard samples or scaled up to real component size which assist in assessing if the required shape can be manufactured. 

Our programs assess the manufacturability of materials supplied to the industry - regardless of its geographical source - to support the localization of the industry. The programs are open for new and existing candidate polymer raw material manufacturing or compounding companies to submit samples of their polymer (compound) materials to Intertek to be assessed for processability and other material characteristics.

Standard test samples will than be taken from the molded components and tested according to standard specifications inclusive of mechanical, physical and optical property testing. Testing will be undertaken to globally-recognized or OEM-specific standards.

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