The quality and safety of raw materials used in cosmetic products is a fundamental component found in many global cosmetic regulations and standards.

Quality and safety requirements for cosmetic products are regulated differently in various regions, making it difficult to identify relevant regulations and ensure compliance in all markets where cosmetic products are being sold. 

In addition, as supply chains are becoming more global, it is becoming difficult to trace ingredient origins. Transparency and traceability within ingredient supply chains are of high demand and important to ensure the quality of raw materials, brand protection, as well as to communicate the product source to consumers. 

Regulatory Compliance Services

Cosmetic manufacturers have a legal responsibility to ensure that the raw materials and ingredients used in their cosmetic products are safe and comply with the relevant regulations.  Intertek can provide expert regulatory guidance and assist you with creating a robust technical file for your raw materials in order to meet international cosmetic regulations and commercialization of innovative products. 

Gather Accurate Product Data:

  • Liaise with manufacturers and suppliers to collate and review key technical data and information on the raw materials 
  • Conduct a regulatory evaluation based on the information provided by stakeholders
  • Assist with submitting data to the SCCS (Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety) 

Raw Material Safety Assessments:

  • Our teams of expert toxicologists can build the toxicological profile of your ingredients and impurities, and determine the threshold of use in your cosmetic product categories
    • Additional services include: review of residual solvents, by-products, REACH status and product origin reporting
  • Preparation of safety data sheets for your raw materials

Product Identification:

  • Support with CAS and INCI registration 
  • Evaluation of the natural and organic index of your ingredients
    • We can provide you with guidelines needed to calculate the naturalness of your products according to ISO 16128, and help you conduct your own supplier surveys to collect the necessary information

"Vegan" Claims Support: 

  • Our experts can assist you in setting up specifications to add a "vegan" claim on your product(s) (raw materials and/or finished products)
  • We can provide support in collecting the necessary information from your suppliers and checking compliance against your requirements

Data and Document Management:

  • Support with integrating regulatory documents and product information into your internal local databases to help optimize the regulatory compliance processes
    • Collaboration and transparency between all stakeholders in the supply chain is simplified and improved as all information is easily accessible and stored in one place
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