Supporting Fertilizers Registrations throughout North America.

Fertilizers require pre-market approval within Canada and the U.S. This can involve generating data to support new or novel products, complying with regulations that differ between Canada and individual U.S. states, and corresponding with various government agencies.
Intertek’s fertilizer team consists of a variety of subject matter experts including toxicologists, regulatory experts, and registration specialists. With our combined expertise and knowledge of the unique regulatory hurdles throughout North America, Intertek can help save time and money bringing your product to market.
The regulatory requirements to bring a new fertilizer to market vary widely based on jurisdiction. Intertek helps companies submit high-quality regulatory dossiers to minimize delays and shepherd registration applications with ease. Our services include: 
  • Dossier preparation and submission;
  • Label reviews for products exempt from registration; and
  • Ongoing regulatory support, including:
    • Amendments to product chemistry or label claims;
    • Annual state renewals, including tonnage reporting and mill assessments;
    • Discontinuations; and
    • Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) support.

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